Italian Gelateria Cart


  • Removable black awning with bulb
  • Built-in plexiglass lid with sneeze guard
  • Dry storage underneath with 5 gallon drip bucket
  • Overall cart dimensions: 60"W x 30"D x 8'H
  • Gelateria compartment dimensions: 41"W x 15"L x 15.5"D
  • Front "Gelateria" signage
  • Can fit three to four 3-gallon ice cream tubs
  • Requires dry ice

Suggested Items:

  • Ice cream scoop
  • Dessert bowls
  • Dessert spoons
  • Bar mat
  • Bar towels
  • Extension cord

*Note: Service personnel and food not provided with carts, nor is available from Town & Country.

SKU: Gelateria Cart